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1-20 published on No Comments on 1-20

Sorry for the extra long hiatus! I started a new (and rather intense) university art class, then I couldn’t decide how to colour the flashbacks, then photoshop wasn’t working, then I played the sims but it started glitching out, so I quite and put some time into this. Excuses! I had wanted to do these… Continue reading 1-20


1-22 published on No Comments on 1-22

Schedule change up! This is now a comic that updates on Wednesday mornings. I’d change up the banner to reflect that but I took a melatonin and I don’t want to fuck up the website by trying to fiddle with the layout while half asleep. If I’m lucky I scheduled the post correctly (I recently… Continue reading 1-22


1-25 published on No Comments on 1-25

Introducing… Kingston! We’re now 1/3 of the way through chapter 1 and have introduced 5/6 of the pirates. You may notice Kingston’s design is slightly different than in page 1. There was probably a 5+ year gap between when I drew page 1 and page 25. There was a considerable gap between when I drew… Continue reading 1-25


1-28 published on No Comments on 1-28

As promised, triple update 2/3! The next page should be up Thursday/Friday.             Worldbuilding tidbit: the name of the town that Ivanhoe and Georgio are catching the bus in is named “Mackenzie Mills”. A lot of the smaller Ontario towns featured in this comic are inspired by place names in… Continue reading 1-28