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Ivanhoe Scott: in denial By the time this post goes public, I will have about 9 days of comic inking/colouring/drawing behind me. Since I’ve been working on pages this year, I’ve really streamlined my process and can finish about one page per day. I’m going to see what my backlog and my university course load… Continue reading 1-12


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Chapter 1 keeps chugging along! I’m writing this post from the past and I’m trying to get a queue of posts ready for all of June (and hopefully into July). I’m going to be very busy with school and job hunting over this next month. Speaking of money! If you’re reading this comic and like… Continue reading 1-16


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A note about the text: I was experimenting with hand lettering in Photoshop this week. I draw all my comics on graph paper to save time on layouts. I originally planned on hand inking everything but honestly, it’s so much faster in Photoshop and I’m much less likely to spill my inkwells on the paper… Continue reading 1-18


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As we reach a natural break in chapter 1, and I reach my reading week, I’m going to be taking a short break. There will be no update next week because I need to build up a queue of inks and flats for the next couple months. Comics will resume on July 10th, with the… Continue reading 1-19