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This week’s page is the second spiciest page of the chapter lmao

Here’s some Ivanhoe and Marina trivia:

1. In the original Maritonia comic, Ivanhoe and Marina were actually married. I wrote this comic when I was like 16 or 17 so this plotline was Very Stupid. The pirates decided they needed to start taking prisoners to be Real Pirates. Marina was some secretary on vacation in the Florida Keys. This comic was an absolute shit show. The pirates like massacred 7 people in a botched robbery then took Marina prisoner. BAM! Two years later they get secretly married. The pirates were legit psychos in the original comic.

2. In the original comic Marina was something like 27 and I think Ivanhoe was somewhere in his early-mid 20s. Everyone was a lot older. (Georgio was a priest lmao) In this version Ivanhoe is 18 (at the start of the chapter, he’s 17 in this flashback portion). Marina is about 21. Slight spoiler: she’s not looking for a hook up.

3. By this point in the comic Ivanhoe has had a few partners. His relationship with a high school girlfriend is a big part of Minor Niner (the next side comic after Alpha of the North) and there’s another one that will get mentioned muuuuuuuuuuch later on.


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