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As a chronic slacker, you have no idea how good it feels to finally being posting pages in the 40s now.

You may be wondering why the last few pages have been super slow and like 1 or 2 panels per page. It’s not because I’m being lazy, it’s a pacing

An ad for page 40 of Maritonia.

thing. If I was a more productive person (re: chronic slacker) I would update multiple times per week but at this point in my life, I just don’t have time for that. I also had to balance the pacing of a webcomic with a print version. These sparsely panelled pages work better when you read the chapter as a whole. There’s also a lot of ~dramatic pauses~ at the end of each page to string the reader along when viewing in a webcomic format.

On a side note, I’ve included this week’s twitter ad because I thought it was funny. Between the font and the imagery I thought it looked like a nearly 00s ad for rehab (or some kind of Christian ad). The line about it being an ad for a webcomic and not a rehab facility reminds me of the kind of humour I used to use in the old Maritonia comics that were more just… bad random pop culture commentary. At one point Maritonia was going to be a gag-a-week type comic.

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