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1-39 published on No Comments on 1-39

AAAAAAAND THEY’RE OFF! But off to where??? Find out next week!


In behind the scenes news, I managed to get a couple pages queued up, I inked a metric assload of Maritonia and Alpha of the North Pages (I have no excuse to be late until may) AND I GOT A JOB. Which is going to seriously cut into my free time as I’m also taking full time classes. I figured out a good productivity hack. though: colour comics while listening to lectures.

AON progres: 52 pages are drawn, 20 pages are inked, 9 are coloured. My plan is to get about 10 pages inked/coloured per month which means it’ll enter the editing phase this June. The colouring phase really doesn’t take too long. I’m getting sick of working on this comic and would like to have it in the public’s hands by September/October.

I’m also trying to advertise the comic a bit more, though my efforts are kind of half assed. If you’re reading this page, please navigate over to your left and give this comic a vote. Follow on twitter! Join the patreon to get pages two days early for as little as a dollar! Don’t like old fashioned websites? Maritonia, the outdated, PG version, is up on webtoon, too. There’s also a tumblr that sometimes posts… stuff… Shit, there’s even an instagram!

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