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This week’s page was late because of a decade’s long inability to give this biker gang a name!

I should also mention that this is the actual jumping off point for Alpha of the North! The top panel is one of the first panels in AON. It’s the very first Maritonia “side comic” and it expands on this little train fight (plus some other stuff). I was hoping to have that comic mostly done by this point but I just never seem to find the time to work on it. It’s been written and drawn but I’ve got about 40 pages left to ink/colour and then add all the dialogue. When I’m closer to being ready to publish it I’ll be making a much bigger announcement about it.

I have plans to do quite a few side comics. They’re all canon but I won’t be publishing them online for free (before anyone gets mad… they are not required reading to understand the rest of the comic). The point of them is to explore minor characters or stories that would be too much of a tangent from the main Maritonia storylines. The next side comic after AON is about Ivanhoe and how the Pirates became friends in the first place and his strained relationship with his family.

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