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1-35 published on No Comments on 1-35

Guess who’s back? Ya boi, Ivanhoe Scott! Causing trouble, YET AGAIN.


Hiatus is over! I have the next page almost ready. It’ll be up on Patreon on Monday. This semester at school seems less batshit insane! The amount of assignments I have due this month is like what I had due in a week last semester. I should be able to keep up on posting this winter/spring.

Fun fact! This is the page before the start of Alpha of the North! Coming… this summer? Fall? Whenever I finish it! I’d love to try and publish it around the end of the summer since it is a ~Fall Time~ comic. That’s one of the big projects I have on the go this year. Obviously, finishing chapter 1 is the main priority. It could very well be done in October! The other priority is to re-migrate my site! You might see that it is not a “secure” website. Well, I am going to be moving hosts this summer to hopefully a better/cheaper provider.

If anyone would like to help out with the costs of running this website, I have a ko-fi and a patreon. The patreon comes with more perks, such as early page viewing, exclusive sketches, WIPs, uncensored (mostly) chapter previews and verbose explainers! Oh, and discounts on future side comics. I appreciate any and all contributions to running this comic!

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