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I think it’s safe to say that page 34 will also be late! I’ve got a crazy week of school ahead of me and I’ve been putting nanomango ahead of actually finishing pages (also I was not in the mood to shade Niagara falls). I’ve been so busy I can’t even remember how much I’ve actually inked the next page. Then last night I got really, REALLY into writing some stuff for Chapter 6.

I kind of had an “oh shit” moment recently since I’ve been making progress on colouring this comic. I’ve been slowly chipping away at final pages without actually working on a queue of drawn pages for the next chapter. Chapter 1 will end at some point next year. I need to have most, if not all of Chapter 2 drawn by the end of next year. THEN I need to edit scripts for Chapter 3 (some things have changed). Everything after that point is just notes. I have a vague idea where the overarching story goes but how I’ll get there? Nobody knows!


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