A Maritonia side comic! The pirates are on the run after they destroyed a boat they “bought” from a shady shipwright. A brawl on a train ensues and in the chaos, Alpha is left stranded in the middle of nowhere Northern Ontario.


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Guess who’s back? Ya boi, Ivanhoe Scott! Causing trouble, YET AGAIN.   Hiatus is over! I have the next page almost ready. It’ll be up on Patreon on Monday. This semester at school seems less batshit insane! The amount of assignments I have due this month is like what I had due in a week… Continue reading 1-35


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This week’s page was late because of a decade’s long inability to give this biker gang a name! I should also mention that this is the actual jumping off point for Alpha of the North! The top panel is one of the first panels in AON. It’s the very first Maritonia “side comic” and it… Continue reading 1-36