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Content Warning

This is not a kids comic!! The content is mostly 14A type stuff, but please assume it’s NSFW before you visit on your work computer (unless your employer doesn’t give a shit). There may be graphic violence, full frontal nudity, sexual content, drug/alcohol use, mentions of sexual violence, strong language and more! As this is a comic about pirates, violence comes with the territory. I will not be censoring pages any time someone gets shot or stabbed or if someone whips out their dick.

HOWEVER, I can’t post certain pages on Webtoon or Patreon. I’ll be posting pages password protected here prior to the Wednesday publishing date. If you see a password protected post, consider that a warning that there is something rated R behind that paywall. I also recommend following the Maritonia twitter page and turn on post notifications. I almost only use that account for posting updates so you’ll get a heads up if you might want to skip certain pages. Patrons will get a heavily censored version of that page so you can always follow that feed (posts become public on Wednesdays on Patreon).




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