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Meet Marina!   My vertigo is like 99% cleared up but last week was pretty brutal. It was also HORRENDOUS timing because I had a million things due at school including TWO 3D renders for a class. Ever try rendering something in 3D while hunched over a tablet while the room feels like it’s spinning?… Continue reading 1-43


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This week’s page is the second spiciest page of the chapter lmao Here’s some Ivanhoe and Marina trivia: 1. In the original Maritonia comic, Ivanhoe and Marina were actually married. I wrote this comic when I was like 16 or 17 so this plotline was Very Stupid. The pirates decided they needed to start taking… Continue reading 1-44


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SURPRISE SATURDAY UPDATE! I’m working on getting the next few pages ready this weekend but I finally have free time for the first time in A LONG TIME so I’m going to try and crush pages this weekend. The plan is to have everything up to page 50 updated by the 28th and then resume… Continue reading 1-45


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Happy Monday! I’ve been dying to work on my own projects these past couple weeks so it feels really good to crush out these pages this week. I’m hoping to get the next pages out Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Normal weekly updates will resume starting on the 28th (or the 26th if you’re paying $1… Continue reading 1-46