Ivanhoe Scott, teenage pirate.


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Chapter 1 continues with a successful boat theft!   Meanwhile… over on Patreon and Tumblr, I’m posting Chapter 2 pencils! You can see a dialogue/major spoiler free version over on tumblr. The full spoiler version is over on Patreon for the $5+ dollar tiers. I used to release pages with full dialogue on tumblr but… Continue reading 1-32


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I think it’s safe to say that page 34 will also be late! I’ve got a crazy week of school ahead of me and I’ve been putting nanomango ahead of actually finishing pages (also I was not in the mood to shade Niagara falls). I’ve been so busy I can’t even remember how much I’ve… Continue reading 1-33


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Merry Crisis! It’s a new page of Maritonia! I had some grand plans of having regular updates all December but the half of the month was an absolute NIGHTMARE with how busy I was. I’m going to take the next couple weeks to work on comics and try and not worry about how I haven’t… Continue reading 1-34


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Guess who’s back? Ya boi, Ivanhoe Scott! Causing trouble, YET AGAIN.   Hiatus is over! I have the next page almost ready. It’ll be up on Patreon on Monday. This semester at school seems less batshit insane! The amount of assignments I have due this month is like what I had due in a week… Continue reading 1-35


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This week’s page was late because of a decade’s long inability to give this biker gang a name! I should also mention that this is the actual jumping off point for Alpha of the North! The top panel is one of the first panels in AON. It’s the very first Maritonia “side comic” and it… Continue reading 1-36


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EXPERIMENTS WITH COLOUR BLOCKS. Chapter 1 is my experimentation chapter and hopefully I’ll get a style down by the time it ends. But I’m enjoying doing these colour blocks because a) it saves me time and b) it looks more visually interesting than just a gradient. It hints at a background without having to go… Continue reading 1-37


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AAAAAAAND THEY’RE OFF! But off to where??? Find out next week!   In behind the scenes news, I managed to get a couple pages queued up, I inked a metric assload of Maritonia and Alpha of the North Pages (I have no excuse to be late until may) AND I GOT A JOB. Which is… Continue reading 1-39


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As a chronic slacker, you have no idea how good it feels to finally being posting pages in the 40s now. You may be wondering why the last few pages have been super slow and like 1 or 2 panels per page. It’s not because I’m being lazy, it’s a pacing thing. If I was… Continue reading 1-40


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This page took FOREVER to colour because of all the background details. Every panel needed new colours. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to colour this shit…. This page takes place over the course of (almost) a year! The speed at which chapter 1 moves fluxuates wildly but it’s the only chapter for a… Continue reading 1-41