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30 pages in! 45 more to go in chapter! I’m experimenting a bit with the page backgrounds as panels/time of day gets darker. Like it? Don’t like it? Leave a comment! I’m heading out of province away from my usual computer but I’ll have a tablet and photoshop. There won’t be a page next week.… Continue reading 1-30


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I think it’s safe to say that page 34 will also be late! I’ve got a crazy week of school ahead of me and I’ve been putting nanomango ahead of actually finishing pages (also I was not in the mood to shade Niagara falls). I’ve been so busy I can’t even remember how much I’ve… Continue reading 1-33


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Merry Crisis! It’s a new page of Maritonia! I had some grand plans of having regular updates all December but the half of the month was an absolute NIGHTMARE with how busy I was. I’m going to take the next couple weeks to work on comics and try and not worry about how I haven’t… Continue reading 1-34


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EXPERIMENTS WITH COLOUR BLOCKS. Chapter 1 is my experimentation chapter and hopefully I’ll get a style down by the time it ends. But I’m enjoying doing these colour blocks because a) it saves me time and b) it looks more visually interesting than just a gradient. It hints at a background without having to go… Continue reading 1-37


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AAAAAAAND THEY’RE OFF! But off to where??? Find out next week!   In behind the scenes news, I managed to get a couple pages queued up, I inked a metric assload of Maritonia and Alpha of the North Pages (I have no excuse to be late until may) AND I GOT A JOB. Which is… Continue reading 1-39