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HIATUS (again)

HIATUS (again) published on No Comments on HIATUS (again)

I got a job suddenly in September which has me out in the bush in Northern Ontario. What was supposed to be a couple of weeks has turned into a whole-ass month. Between work (which is a supervisory position lolllll) and full time school, I’ve had like an hour to sit down and work on comics. I have flatted like 1/100th of a page. I’m hoping I can get back to the city long enough to actually get a solid queue worked up again before disappearing into the north for work.


1-30 published on No Comments on 1-30

30 pages in! 45 more to go in chapter! I’m experimenting a bit with the page backgrounds as panels/time of day gets darker. Like it? Don’t like it? Leave a comment!

I’m heading out of province away from my usual computer but I’ll have a tablet and photoshop. There won’t be a page next week. I have the next two pages inked but I need to settle in at the new job and see how busy it’s going to be. I’m also taking university courses.  I honestly don’t even know how long I’m going for! lol My portable tablet is old as shit and all scratched up. I’m going to try and get a newer one so I can work on the go.

I’ll know what the schedule for the comic is going to look like a little later this week. Definitely not moving from Monday Patreon/Wednesday public updates but I might go to every other week until I get a break from work.


1-29 published on No Comments on 1-29

IN TODAY’S EPISODE: the boys go steal a boat!  In other news… I got a job and this might affect the posting schedule. I’m going to try and get page 30 up for next week but posting may be sporadic this fall depending on how busy work and school end up being!


1-28 published on No Comments on 1-28

As promised, triple update 2/3! The next page should be up Thursday/Friday.







Worldbuilding tidbit: the name of the town that Ivanhoe and Georgio are catching the bus in is named “Mackenzie Mills”. A lot of the smaller Ontario towns featured in this comic are inspired by place names in Southeastern Ontario. In fact, there is a hamlet called “Ivanhoe”. Black River, ON, where Ivanhoe lives is named after a river in SE Ontario. Mackenzie Mills is the historic name of a settlement. The comic uses a mix of real place names (all the towns in Alpha of the North are real places) and fictionalized ones, however, all the fictionalized towns correspond to real locations.


1-25 published on No Comments on 1-25

Introducing… Kingston! We’re now 1/3 of the way through chapter 1 and have introduced 5/6 of the pirates. You may notice Kingston’s design is slightly different than in page 1. There was probably a 5+ year gap between when I drew page 1 and page 25. There was a considerable gap between when I drew page 1-19 and the rest of chapter 1. It took a long time. And now that I’m in the habit of finishing one of these per week, hopefully chapter 2 takes less than a year.


1-24 published on No Comments on 1-24

This week’s pages are super late! To catch up with my schedule I might start posting pages whenever I finish them until I can kind of line up with what I had planned before.

Comic Notes:
The “borderline racist” comment is meant to be a jab at the original pirates comic I wrote back in high school as well as white people who appropriate Black/Caribbean culture for their aesthetic or as part of a phase. I was also a little worried about how people would react to this white boy with dreads when the comic is very white so far (I promise more people of colour in all sorts of roles start joining the cast along the way). I had actually considered making him Black (or biracial) but felt like it might actually be in bad taste because of how I ended up writing him. I thought it would play into negative stereotypes too much if I did.

I should probably save these character notes for the next page (you can see what Kingston looks like on page 1) but I like jumping the gun!


1-22 published on No Comments on 1-22

Schedule change up! This is now a comic that updates on Wednesday mornings. I’d change up the banner to reflect that but I took a melatonin and I don’t want to fuck up the website by trying to fiddle with the layout while half asleep. If I’m lucky I scheduled the post correctly (I recently discovered I didn’t have the timezone set properly).

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