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This week’s page was late because of a decade’s long inability to give this biker gang a name!

I should also mention that this is the actual jumping off point for Alpha of the North! The top panel is one of the first panels in AON. It’s the very first Maritonia “side comic” and it expands on this little train fight (plus some other stuff). I was hoping to have that comic mostly done by this point but I just never seem to find the time to work on it. It’s been written and drawn but I’ve got about 40 pages left to ink/colour and then add all the dialogue. When I’m closer to being ready to publish it I’ll be making a much bigger announcement about it.

I have plans to do quite a few side comics. They’re all canon but I won’t be publishing them online for free (before anyone gets mad… they are not required reading to understand the rest of the comic). The point of them is to explore minor characters or stories that would be too much of a tangent from the main Maritonia storylines. The next side comic after AON is about Ivanhoe and how the Pirates became friends in the first place and his strained relationship with his family.


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Guess who’s back? Ya boi, Ivanhoe Scott! Causing trouble, YET AGAIN.


Hiatus is over! I have the next page almost ready. It’ll be up on Patreon on Monday. This semester at school seems less batshit insane! The amount of assignments I have due this month is like what I had due in a week last semester. I should be able to keep up on posting this winter/spring.

Fun fact! This is the page before the start of Alpha of the North! Coming… this summer? Fall? Whenever I finish it! I’d love to try and publish it around the end of the summer since it is a ~Fall Time~ comic. That’s one of the big projects I have on the go this year. Obviously, finishing chapter 1 is the main priority. It could very well be done in October! The other priority is to re-migrate my site! You might see that it is not a “secure” website. Well, I am going to be moving hosts this summer to hopefully a better/cheaper provider.

If anyone would like to help out with the costs of running this website, I have a ko-fi and a patreon. The patreon comes with more perks, such as early page viewing, exclusive sketches, WIPs, uncensored (mostly) chapter previews and verbose explainers! Oh, and discounts on future side comics. I appreciate any and all contributions to running this comic!



Taking a break to amass a queue of pages and work on an upcoming project before I am once again burdened with full time school and full time work. Hopefully this will allow me to have a cushion so I can have less unexpected breaks in the publishing schedule next year.


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Merry Crisis! It’s a new page of Maritonia! I had some grand plans of having regular updates all December but the half of the month was an absolute NIGHTMARE with how busy I was.

I’m going to take the next couple weeks to work on comics and try and not worry about how I haven’t paid my bills in a couple months (PS I have a patreon and I’m open for commissions). Updates will resume on January 13th here. I update Patreon two days earlier. Expect an Alpha of the North related announcement during the January 13th update.


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I think it’s safe to say that page 34 will also be late! I’ve got a crazy week of school ahead of me and I’ve been putting nanomango ahead of actually finishing pages (also I was not in the mood to shade Niagara falls). I’ve been so busy I can’t even remember how much I’ve actually inked the next page. Then last night I got really, REALLY into writing some stuff for Chapter 6.

I kind of had an “oh shit” moment recently since I’ve been making progress on colouring this comic. I’ve been slowly chipping away at final pages without actually working on a queue of drawn pages for the next chapter. Chapter 1 will end at some point next year. I need to have most, if not all of Chapter 2 drawn by the end of next year. THEN I need to edit scripts for Chapter 3 (some things have changed). Everything after that point is just notes. I have a vague idea where the overarching story goes but how I’ll get there? Nobody knows!



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Chapter 1 continues with a successful boat theft!


Meanwhile… over on Patreon and Tumblr, I’m posting Chapter 2 pencils! You can see a dialogue/major spoiler free version over on tumblr. The full spoiler version is over on Patreon for the $5+ dollar tiers.

I used to release pages with full dialogue on tumblr but now that I’ve gotten to a certain point in the comic, doing that would spoil some major events. I love challenging myself to 30 pages in 30 days and posting online somehow motivates me to draw but this may be the last year I do that for mainline comics.


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The comic is back! Weekly updates to continue for the foreseeable future!


I’m currently doing NaNoMangO over on Tumblr/Patreon. If you want to get some spoilers for chapter 2, head over to those sites! Dialogue (and certain panels) will be censored over on Tumblr but never fear! They’re behind a paywall on Patreon. When I finally get around to colouring those pages next year, you can view them for free on here.


Update: WHOOPS forgot to upload the comic lmao

HIATUS TO END! + Nanomango

HIATUS TO END! + Nanomango published on No Comments on HIATUS TO END! + Nanomango

Updates Resume!
Good news! I’m back at home and off work for probably a month or two. I won’t be ROLLING in free time because I’m taking university courses but the usual once a week updates will be happening.

Update to Updates (Nov 15th)
I’ve got way too much on my plate this week for school and didn’t get this week’s page finished. It’ll be up on the 25th! I’m going to continue Nanomango udpates throughout the week, however. I’ve also decided to go on a bit of a late December hiatus to catch up on prepping comics. I’ve run out of inked and scanned pages and I need to get a serious queue of inked pages ready for the next few months. I’m going to continue with Nanomango because it ensures I don’t run out of drawn pages by the summer.

I haven’t had much success doing Nanomango for a couple years but I’m going to run out of drawn pages of Maritonia next year. I plan on drawing the next 30 pages over the entire month of November.  Chapter 2 is going to be 50-60 pages long and it’s not a chapter of exposition! The actual story starts here. I’m also going to be working on detailed thumbnails for Minor Niner. Chapter 2’s pages are going up on the Maritonia tumblr in a heavily censored form (although you might be able to see the uncensored versions on the $10 tier on my patreon lolllllz). I try not to post anything heavily spoilery before it comes out publicly but the first half of Chapter 2 doesn’t really blow anything major in the second half of chapter 1.



Page Schedule
November 4 – Page 31
November 11 – Page 32
November 18 – NO PAGE
November 25 – Page 33
December 2 – Page 34
December 9 – Page 35
December 16 – Page 36
December 23 – HIATUS
December 30 – HIATUS


HIATUS (again)

HIATUS (again) published on No Comments on HIATUS (again)

I got a job suddenly in September which has me out in the bush in Northern Ontario. What was supposed to be a couple of weeks has turned into a whole-ass month. Between work (which is a supervisory position lolllll) and full time school, I’ve had like an hour to sit down and work on comics. I have flatted like 1/100th of a page. I’m hoping I can get back to the city long enough to actually get a solid queue worked up again before disappearing into the north for work.


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30 pages in! 45 more to go in chapter! I’m experimenting a bit with the page backgrounds as panels/time of day gets darker. Like it? Don’t like it? Leave a comment!

I’m heading out of province away from my usual computer but I’ll have a tablet and photoshop. There won’t be a page next week. I have the next two pages inked but I need to settle in at the new job and see how busy it’s going to be. I’m also taking university courses.  I honestly don’t even know how long I’m going for! lol My portable tablet is old as shit and all scratched up. I’m going to try and get a newer one so I can work on the go.

I’ll know what the schedule for the comic is going to look like a little later this week. Definitely not moving from Monday Patreon/Wednesday public updates but I might go to every other week until I get a break from work.

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