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Happy Monday! I’ve been dying to work on my own projects these past couple weeks so it feels really good to crush out these pages this week. I’m hoping to get the next pages out Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Normal weekly updates will resume starting on the 28th (or the 26th if you’re paying $1 or more on the patreon!).

Sidenote: I’ll be posting this week’s pages as I finish them on patreon so there’s the chance to view these well in advance. 😉


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SURPRISE SATURDAY UPDATE! I’m working on getting the next few pages ready this weekend but I finally have free time for the first time in A LONG TIME so I’m going to try and crush pages this weekend. The plan is to have everything up to page 50 updated by the 28th and then resume regular updates.

Edit: I was in such a rush to post this I didn’t even clean up the margins lmao Updated the page!

It’s that time of the semester again!

It’s that time of the semester again! published on No Comments on It’s that time of the semester again!

I done did it again and am too busy to work on comics! There will be no updates until after April 11th. I’m going to try and work on stuff when I can, but FINALS, man. My exams aren’t even the busy part!

Comics will resume mid-April!


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This week’s page is the second spiciest page of the chapter lmao

Here’s some Ivanhoe and Marina trivia:

1. In the original Maritonia comic, Ivanhoe and Marina were actually married. I wrote this comic when I was like 16 or 17 so this plotline was Very Stupid. The pirates decided they needed to start taking prisoners to be Real Pirates. Marina was some secretary on vacation in the Florida Keys. This comic was an absolute shit show. The pirates like massacred 7 people in a botched robbery then took Marina prisoner. BAM! Two years later they get secretly married. The pirates were legit psychos in the original comic.

2. In the original comic Marina was something like 27 and I think Ivanhoe was somewhere in his early-mid 20s. Everyone was a lot older. (Georgio was a priest lmao) In this version Ivanhoe is 18 (at the start of the chapter, he’s 17 in this flashback portion). Marina is about 21. Slight spoiler: she’s not looking for a hook up.

3. By this point in the comic Ivanhoe has had a few partners. His relationship with a high school girlfriend is a big part of Minor Niner (the next side comic after Alpha of the North) and there’s another one that will get mentioned muuuuuuuuuuch later on.



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Meet Marina!


My vertigo is like 99% cleared up but last week was pretty brutal. It was also HORRENDOUS timing because I had a million things due at school including TWO 3D renders for a class. Ever try rendering something in 3D while hunched over a tablet while the room feels like it’s spinning? 0/10, do not recommend. Luckily, I’m mostly caught up now and I’m ready to CRUSH comics (after I complete a couple more assignments this week).


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After last week’s super detailed page, it felt REALLY NICE to have a page of talking heads.

Next week’s page may be delayed slightly. Had a rough go with a bout of vertigo this weekend and I’m still a bit too dizzy to be hunched over a drawing tablet. It’s like 90% done but if I’m not feeling up to sitting at a computer it’s going to be late. I also have a pile of school stuff that is going to take priority over comics.

Upcoming Planned Hiatuses

Upcoming Planned Hiatuses published on No Comments on Upcoming Planned Hiatuses

July 18-31: Website migration time! will be down for a couple days and no comics will be posted during this two week period. I’m switching up internet providers because I’m not totally satisfied with my current one. I’m going to try and do a site redesign and hopefully have little downtime.

November 2021: There will be no updates this November! I’m hoping to have Chapter 1 complete by November and I need to take a month off to draw the next chapter. I will be doing Nanomango this month. I’m hoping to have Alpha of the North complete by October/November and then Chapter 2 will debut in December. I am likely going to make November Hiatus an annual thing going forward since it’s my favourite month to crush a ton of pages at once.


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This page took FOREVER to colour because of all the background details. Every panel needed new colours. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to colour this shit….

This page takes place over the course of (almost) a year! The speed at which chapter 1 moves fluxuates wildly but it’s the only chapter for a LONG while that’s going to have such a compressed timeline.


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As a chronic slacker, you have no idea how good it feels to finally being posting pages in the 40s now.

You may be wondering why the last few pages have been super slow and like 1 or 2 panels per page. It’s not because I’m being lazy, it’s a pacing

An ad for page 40 of Maritonia.

thing. If I was a more productive person (re: chronic slacker) I would update multiple times per week but at this point in my life, I just don’t have time for that. I also had to balance the pacing of a webcomic with a print version. These sparsely panelled pages work better when you read the chapter as a whole. There’s also a lot of ~dramatic pauses~ at the end of each page to string the reader along when viewing in a webcomic format.

On a side note, I’ve included this week’s twitter ad because I thought it was funny. Between the font and the imagery I thought it looked like a nearly 00s ad for rehab (or some kind of Christian ad). The line about it being an ad for a webcomic and not a rehab facility reminds me of the kind of humour I used to use in the old Maritonia comics that were more just… bad random pop culture commentary. At one point Maritonia was going to be a gag-a-week type comic.


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AAAAAAAND THEY’RE OFF! But off to where??? Find out next week!


In behind the scenes news, I managed to get a couple pages queued up, I inked a metric assload of Maritonia and Alpha of the North Pages (I have no excuse to be late until may) AND I GOT A JOB. Which is going to seriously cut into my free time as I’m also taking full time classes. I figured out a good productivity hack. though: colour comics while listening to lectures.

AON progres: 52 pages are drawn, 20 pages are inked, 9 are coloured. My plan is to get about 10 pages inked/coloured per month which means it’ll enter the editing phase this June. The colouring phase really doesn’t take too long. I’m getting sick of working on this comic and would like to have it in the public’s hands by September/October.

I’m also trying to advertise the comic a bit more, though my efforts are kind of half assed. If you’re reading this page, please navigate over to your left and give this comic a vote. Follow on twitter! Join the patreon to get pages two days early for as little as a dollar! Don’t like old fashioned websites? Maritonia, the outdated, PG version, is up on webtoon, too. There’s also a tumblr that sometimes posts… stuff… Shit, there’s even an instagram!

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