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Upcoming Planned Hiatuses

Upcoming Planned Hiatuses published on No Comments on Upcoming Planned Hiatuses

July 18-31: Website migration time! will be down for a couple days and no comics will be posted during this two week period. I’m switching up internet providers because I’m not totally satisfied with my current one. I’m going to try and do a site redesign and hopefully have little downtime.

November 2021: There will be no updates this November! I’m hoping to have Chapter 1 complete by November and I need to take a month off to draw the next chapter. I will be doing Nanomango this month. I’m hoping to have Alpha of the North complete by October/November and then Chapter 2 will debut in December. I am likely going to make November Hiatus an annual thing going forward since it’s my favourite month to crush a ton of pages at once.

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