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1-30 published on No Comments on 1-30

30 pages in! 45 more to go in chapter! I’m experimenting a bit with the page backgrounds as panels/time of day gets darker. Like it? Don’t like it? Leave a comment!

I’m heading out of province away from my usual computer but I’ll have a tablet and photoshop. There won’t be a page next week. I have the next two pages inked but I need to settle in at the new job and see how busy it’s going to be. I’m also taking university courses.  I honestly don’t even know how long I’m going for! lol My portable tablet is old as shit and all scratched up. I’m going to try and get a newer one so I can work on the go.

I’ll know what the schedule for the comic is going to look like a little later this week. Definitely not moving from Monday Patreon/Wednesday public updates but I might go to every other week until I get a break from work.

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HIATUS (again)

HIATUS (again) published on No Comments on HIATUS (again)

I got a job suddenly in September which has me out in the bush in Northern Ontario. What was supposed to be a couple of weeks has turned into a whole-ass month. Between work (which is a supervisory position lolllll) and full time school, I’ve had like an hour to sit down and work on comics. I have flatted like 1/100th of a page. I’m hoping I can get back to the city long enough to actually get a solid queue worked up again before disappearing into the north for work.

Update Schedule Changes

Update Schedule Changes published on No Comments on Update Schedule Changes

I’m currently taking a rather intense university art course and now Fridays are now my busy day! I’m going to get this week’s page up later today but I’m going to have to move updates to Wednesdays (and Monday for patreon). This is probably going to be the permanent schedule going forward. I’m also publishing my update schedule until the start of September. The comic will have little hiatuses whenever I have a break between semesters, reading week and finals (depending on how busy I am).

Update schedule:
July 18 – Page 21
July 22 – Page 22
July 29 – Page 23-24
August 5 – Page 23-24
August 12 – Page 25
August 19 – Page 26
August 29 – Page 27
September 2 – Page 28
September 9 – Page 29


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